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Tar & Chipping

This type of re-surfacing is hot liquid tar, machine sprayed and coated with a choice of size and colour of stone to finish.

Tar and chipping is suitable for rejuvenating existing tarmac and concrete finishes to give extra life for driveways at an economical price. For a new driveway this will be resurfaced over a sub-base of base tarmac or a two coat finish over a hardcore base. The finish is a natural and softer alternative to tarmac and may be more suitable for some locations.

Project in Norwich, regulated with tarmac and tar and chippings on top.
Project in Fressingfield, regulated with asphalt and tar and chippings to top.

Tarmac Driveways

We offer a full service in either machine laid or hand laid materials. Covering driveways, footpaths, roads and car parks. Tarmac provides a variety of re-surfacing finishes and our representative will be happy to advise the best product for your individual needs.

Asphalt Driveways

Hot rolled asphalt provides a smooth black finish that can be enhanced with clear, natural or red chippings, rolled into the asphalt to provide a spash of colour to your driveway.
Constructing and resurfacing a driveway with asphalt, decorated with resin coated gravel.

Groundworks and Preparation

Roadways cover all groundworks and small civils including:

• Excavations and preparations for construction of driveways and roads.
• Storm drains construction.
• Ringed soak-aways for houses, drives and roads.
• Footings and over-sites for houses.
• Main sewers and treatment plant connections.


Brickweave or ‘block paving’ comes in numerous variations of colour, thickness and patterns. Standard construction consists or hardcore sub-base then a consolidated bed or sharp sand prior to blocks.

Suitable for driveways patios, paths and car parks, from private to commercial use. Individual requirements will be discussed on site with our representative, who will be happy to show you examples of the patterns and colours available for your tailored needs.
Brickweave path in Wymondham, made especially for a disabled customer. The front garden was completely excavated and replaced with a brickweave path and forecourt.