Anglia Roadways. Linden House, High Green ,Great Moulton, NR15 2HU

Farm Roads & Estates

The most widely used re-surfacing for farms and estates is tar and chipping.  This finish can dress an existing surface or top a newly made road ie base of hardcore or planings.  Tar and chipping can be a less expensive alternative to tarmac/asphalt but is still hardwearing and can take commercial traffic.

Farm Roads & Estates

Carparks & Forecourts

We undertake all sizes of car parks, either hand or machine laid to a professional finish.

Repairs and maintenance available.


The large forecourt was The Old Hall, Stuntney, Ely and was a wedding venue.
Area cleaned, removing all waste and tar and golden gravel topping.


All finishes are available plus kerb laying and drain installation and connections.
Ealing Park, London which was carried out in the summer of 2014.  All the pathways through the park were resurfaced when the Park was upgraded.

Adopted Estate Roads

We are experienced in estate and adopted roads up to highway specification.

Holiday Parks

Repairs, maintenance and construction.

Holiday Parks

Civils & Drainage

All sizes of civils undertaken.